Upgrade/Exchange Program

Nobody knows your Double Disc Pump better than the pros at Penn Valley Pump. We built it, after all. And even though our pumps offer unmatched durability, reliability, and performance, you may still find the need for occasional reconditioning or upgrade. When that happens, there’s no better place to turn.

Our experts can recondition your pump to meet factory tolerances and performance – often for less than doing it yourself or sending it out to someone who doesn’t know it as well as we do. What’s more, your repaired pump will meet the same high standards as a brand new Double Disc™ Pump. And it’ll be backed by a one-year factory warranty.

Here’s what you can get:

• Expert reconditioning from the people who designed and built your Double Disc™ Pump.
• Fast turn around for minimal downtime.
• Genuine Double Disc™ Pump parts, for optimum performance.
• One year standard factory warranty.
• In many cases, the latest design or specification updates for maximum service life.
• Improved reliability, without the uncertainties and delays often associated with self repair.
• Reduced labor hours and parts inventory.
• Reduced long-term ownership costs.


Option #1: Exchange for a reconditioned model

It’s really very simple. We’ll send you a factory reconditioned model, and you send us your pump in exchange. You’ll save significant downtime while getting the high level of Double Disc performance you’ve come to rely on. We’ll issue you a credit for the difference.

Option #2: Get an upgrade

Take advantage of the latest design and engineering advances with the latest Double Disc model. We’ll send you a new pump in exchange for your old one, and issue you a credit for the difference.

Option #3: Reconditioning that’s fast, easy, and thorough

Send us your entire bareshaft pump or drive assembly. We’ll disassemble it, inspect all its parts, and provide a complete estimate for the repair (you pay for shipping and refurbishment). Once you approve the estimate, repairs generally take just three working days.

Option #4: Do It Yourself with genuine Double Disc parts

Want to perform your own repair or reconditioning? We can provide you with genuine Double Disc™ parts. Made to the highest quality standards, they’re specially engineered to keep your pump running at optimal performance. Don’t settle for anything less.