Maintenance & Operating Costs

Double Disc Pumps™ do not rely on close tolerances within the pumping chamber to generate flow. This design advantage eliminates the wear and high maintenance costs associated with other positive displacement pump designs. With no mechanical seals or packing glands and sealed for life bearings the pump requires no routine maintenance.

When parts replacement is required, our patented Maintain In Place™ housing design allows the inexpensive wetted parts to be replaced without dismantling the piping. The integral hinged housing design provides easy access for housing removal leading to decreased labor costs and minimal downtime.

Our Maintain In Place™ System Provides
Fast & Easy Disassembly/Reassembly

Complexity adds costs! In fact, you may not be repairing your pumps in house but sending them out for repair given the complexity and labor hours required. Double Disc Pumps™, with their patented Maintain In Place™ hinged housing design, reduces the complexity and allows the pump to be rebuilt in-situ without disturbing the piping. With only 5 wetted components and a gasket set, the pump can quickly be placed back into service.

Sales & Service

Penn Valley Pump Company, Inc. has an extensive distributor and manufacturer’s representative sales force located throughout the United States and Canada. Each one is factory qualified to provide excellent service and support.

In addition to this localized service we offer a variety of customer oriented programs to ensure your satisfaction with our product:

  • Trial purchase program
  • Demonstration program
  • Rebuild/Exchange program
  • Portable and Trailer mounted units
  • All spare parts available for same day shipment
  • Custom configurations to fit existing installations